Couch cushions

We ruined the cushions on our brand new couch back in 2001. It had something to do with a cat named Texas who lived with us for about a week. I don’t remember the details.

Fourteen years and three kids later, I set out to repair them. 

It wasn’t easy. I’d been dreading it (thus the 14 year procrastination). I knew this line of fabric was super durable and I had quite a bit of it left over from slipcovering some chairs a few years back. A few quick cushion covers later, I have a two-toned couch.

I know before too long the half-assed-ness of it will get to me, but for now, it’s nice to have the job done.


Gift bag

I have another little business, sort of a carryover from my teaching days. I tutor high school students who are preparing to take the ACT. It’s small and I mostly get clients via word of mouth.

My kids’ preschool teacher passed along my name to her neighbors and I ended up working with a really awesome student as a result. So, I decided to send along a thank you gift to the preschool teacher to show my appreciation for the referral. 


Helliemae’s makes pretty much the best caramels that money can buy. I bought her a five box sampler, because she can’t eat them all herself. So she’ll probably put them in the teacher’s lounge. And all the teachers will want their own caramels, so they’ll refer students to me too. If that slippery slope falls through, well, at least I gave a generous gift to someone who deserves it.

Then I thought, might as well promote both of my businesses at the same time. I made a quick little reusable linen gift bag lined with cotton fabric.

Looks like it was made to fit the gift because, um, it was.


I finished off the seams on the inside, so it’ll last longer, and it’s almost reversible, though I am dissatisfied with the finishing along the bottom. I can figure out how to adjust it and am thinking of making more in time for Christmas. Anyway, hoping the teacher likes the whole package.

(The red giraffe fabric, btw, was a freebie from the awesome peeps over at Fabricworm. Last spring they made an error in my order and after correcting the error, also sent me a bonanza of scrap fabric, rendering me a loyal customer for life.)

Pencil case rationale

When determining the shape and design of my pencil cases, I really wanted the bags to have flat bottoms.

Partially the rationale is aesthetic: I like triangles. (Constellation pencil case)

It’s also practical: less stress on the seams, so the case will last longer. (Wave of the Future pencil case)

Most important, their interior is really roomy. (Get to the Point pencil case)

Like, really really roomy. This is the Zombie case I am keeping for myself. I filled it up with 30 Twistables colored pencils, and as you can see, there’s still space inside.

Flat bottom bags, man. Best case there is.

Go pick one up at Burro Inteligente.

Finished pencil cases!

I now have four awesome pencil cases listed at Burro Inteligente.

The constellation case, which was previously depicted in progress, has this adorbs patch that says Star Student. The back panel is natural linen and it is lined inside with more constellation fabric. 

The Wave of the Future case is similar, with a linen back panel and print interior, only this time the print is waves.

This one, the Get to the Point case, not only has a hand stitched label, but also a hand quilted panel. Look close and you will see the tiny white quilting stitches within the triangles. I love this pouch: the swallow print lining, the gold foil triangles, the sassy patch.


There’s even a swallow loop tab. So many fun details!

Today I just finished up this Zombie case. I had fun stitching up the label with its wonky lettering and crooked outline, and most of all, the scar stitching.

 Head on over to Burro Inteligente and check them out!

Wallets on sale

I have these adorable cloth wallets on sale in my etsy shop, Burro inteligente. Prices vary, but you can use coupon code SAVE15 for 15% off the entire shop.

There’s tons of variety. Dots…



…and muted. Almost all incorporate linen, because it’s my favorite.

Each has a three-pocket interior, perfectly sized for credit cards, ID, and a few bills.

But even better, each has a hand-written fortune cookie style patch inside with a secret message.

I loved dreaming these up.

Each little combination of print and linen sort of acquired its own personality for me, and the labels reflect that theme.

The sale ends Friday, so go check out Button Inteligente!

Butterflies for Lily

My dear friend had a baby girl, Lily, and I made Lily this fun, fluffy quilt.

We spent some time talking about her theme and colors for the baby’s room. She wanted purples, green, and powder blue, and butterflies. As soon as she said butterflies, I knew I wanted to try this prepared edge appliqué quilt.

 Preparing the edges is time consuming but worth it for that crisp, finished edge. Once the edges are ready, it’s a simple step to sew the appliqués right onto the quilt sandwich. 

 The end result on the back is also lovely, since the outlines of the butterflies show through.

The blue and green background were my attempt to create a landscape effect. I might use multiple colors for the hills if I were to do this over, but I really love how the quilting lines create the effect of rolling hills.

I graduated the size of the butterflies as well, to create the effect of distance. I tried to make a similar antennae on the butterflies that were cut from the same pattern. The swirly antennae on the plum butterfly is my favorite.

I love this quilt. I hope Lily loves this quilt. My daughters certainly do!