Day job

Makers in training helped me with some everything cookies today. Chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pretzels, and oats in the dough.  Usually just throw in whatever is yummy in the house.


Teacher gift sale

Listen, man, I used to BE a teacher, and I can tell you: your kid’s teacher deserves an end of year gift. She has earned it. Give her one.

Of course I think it should be one of my wallets because that is how I roll.

Select wallets are ON SALE in my shop through May 31. Step it up a little and add a gift card to her favorite coffee shop (or,  you know, liquor store). These little pretties are terrific for grab and go types, for slipping into a shorts pocket, or for tossing into a small purse.

Bonus pretty patch inside.

Go get one right now and support your child’s educator.

It takes a while

I was so proud the day I took this picture. My kids had been sick and I was having a rough go of it, but I had finally found some time and space to do some work. I remember feeling like wheels were finally turning, that I had accomplished so much in just one day, and that soon I would be listing some new products.

That was over a month ago. 

Earlier this week I posted my Be the Change wallet, above, and just today, I posted my Alice in Wonderland wallet, below, both in that photo from a month ago. What took so long???

I mean, I did have sick kids. Then there was spring break, and a few major snowstorms, plus my other gigs tutoring and nannying. I try not to work at night, so I can talk to my husband. But still: these wallets are pretty simple. Just a few shapes  and a few seams, really. 

The thing is that I want them to be high quality, and to last, and to be very durable. I wash and dry and wash and dry and wash and dry every piece of fabric so I know it is preshrunk and won’t bleed. I iron them painstakingly so I will be able to cut them precisely. I make a point to not have any exposed seams. I make sure that any frayed or exposed edge is tucked away and sewn down. And every little item has special touches to give them that unique, handmade feel.

Then I still have to get the photos right!

Making takes a while. I won’t rush it because I want to do it right. 

Be the Change

My Be the Change wallets are back in stock!

I sold out of these in December and several people told me they had wanted one. The print is different this time, though.

The mandala print seems far more appropriate for the phrase anyway!

There are five in the shop; head over to Burro Inteligente to purchase!