Cross body purse version 1.0

I’ve been wearing my new lovely for about a week now.

I’ve been thinking about this as a test drive. As I wore it out and around, I was able to think through what kinds of tweaks and adjustments would improve upon it.

I really like the overall shape and the curved zipper, which allows for a bigger opening when I need to get into the bag. That means it’s large enough to hold my tablet and still give me maneuvering room to find my wallet. I think I got the strap just right: it’s comfy, and the weight is distributed well so it doesn’t dig into my shoulder and hurt. I still need to have taller and more petite friends try it on so I know if this is a workable strap length for people of other heights. 

The slip pocket on the left is just right for phones. I want the one on the right to be larger so I can fit my bullet journal Ina pocket. It was recently pointed out to me that my journal is about the same size as a disposable diaper, meaning this could potentially double as a chic diaper bag.

The other side of the interior features the usual interior zip pocket. I wanted it big enough to hold an epi pen and a few antihistamine tablets as well as tampons. It definitely is sized correctly. I’m also still trying to find the optimal location for the key hook.

I’m going to start cutting out version 2 either today or tomorrow. I hope to have these bags in the shop by the Christmas season.


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