Gift bag

I have another little business, sort of a carryover from my teaching days. I tutor high school students who are preparing to take the ACT. It’s small and I mostly get clients via word of mouth.

My kids’ preschool teacher passed along my name to her neighbors and I ended up working with a really awesome student as a result. So, I decided to send along a thank you gift to the preschool teacher to show my appreciation for the referral. 


Helliemae’s makes pretty much the best caramels that money can buy. I bought her a five box sampler, because she can’t eat them all herself. So she’ll probably put them in the teacher’s lounge. And all the teachers will want their own caramels, so they’ll refer students to me too. If that slippery slope falls through, well, at least I gave a generous gift to someone who deserves it.

Then I thought, might as well promote both of my businesses at the same time. I made a quick little reusable linen gift bag lined with cotton fabric.

Looks like it was made to fit the gift because, um, it was.


I finished off the seams on the inside, so it’ll last longer, and it’s almost reversible, though I am dissatisfied with the finishing along the bottom. I can figure out how to adjust it and am thinking of making more in time for Christmas. Anyway, hoping the teacher likes the whole package.

(The red giraffe fabric, btw, was a freebie from the awesome peeps over at Fabricworm. Last spring they made an error in my order and after correcting the error, also sent me a bonanza of scrap fabric, rendering me a loyal customer for life.)


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