Finished pencil cases!

I now have four awesome pencil cases listed at Burro Inteligente.

The constellation case, which was previously depicted in progress, has this adorbs patch that says Star Student. The back panel is natural linen and it is lined inside with more constellation fabric. 

The Wave of the Future case is similar, with a linen back panel and print interior, only this time the print is waves.

This one, the Get to the Point case, not only has a hand stitched label, but also a hand quilted panel. Look close and you will see the tiny white quilting stitches within the triangles. I love this pouch: the swallow print lining, the gold foil triangles, the sassy patch.


There’s even a swallow loop tab. So many fun details!

Today I just finished up this Zombie case. I had fun stitching up the label with its wonky lettering and crooked outline, and most of all, the scar stitching.

 Head on over to Burro Inteligente and check them out!


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