Butterflies for Lily

My dear friend had a baby girl, Lily, and I made Lily this fun, fluffy quilt.

We spent some time talking about her theme and colors for the baby’s room. She wanted purples, green, and powder blue, and butterflies. As soon as she said butterflies, I knew I wanted to try this prepared edge appliqué quilt.

 Preparing the edges is time consuming but worth it for that crisp, finished edge. Once the edges are ready, it’s a simple step to sew the appliqués right onto the quilt sandwich. 

 The end result on the back is also lovely, since the outlines of the butterflies show through.

The blue and green background were my attempt to create a landscape effect. I might use multiple colors for the hills if I were to do this over, but I really love how the quilting lines create the effect of rolling hills.

I graduated the size of the butterflies as well, to create the effect of distance. I tried to make a similar antennae on the butterflies that were cut from the same pattern. The swirly antennae on the plum butterfly is my favorite.

I love this quilt. I hope Lily loves this quilt. My daughters certainly do!


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