Fun with cocktail napkins

I do seriously love to make mitered corner napkins. I especially love to use linen and to feel like I am just tidying up the edges of a beautiful piece of fabric to let its homespun nubbly goodness shine through.

I’ve been working on two sets of cocktail napkins for my Etsy shop, meant to coordinate with some rustic wall signs I have been creating. Once they are measured and ironed and the angles are aligned, it’s so satisfying to flip those corners over.
The first set I jazzed up with a few simple appliqué circles. I have always loved this shade of cobalt. I also hand-stamped quotations along the hemlines. I like how they frame and center the mitering, and that the seam line of the miter almost acts as if it is punctuation.

But I also set them up so that the words could be concealed if necessary. Very crisp ironing makes them look simple and classy when in use. 

Lift up the right corner, though, and you can have a giggle at the words inside. 

 They are available at Burro Inteligente, my etsy shop, in sets of two.


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