Pennant banners

My friend was telling me how she wanted something she could hang up that incorporated her family motto.


I thought I might be the person for the job.

Of course it’s reversible, because that’s my thing. The other side has her family name, so I don’t want to post a photo of it. But! I decided I could make one themed for Thanksgiving, too, that summarizes the spirit of the season.




I love a wee pennant banner. So festive! And so many ways to style it. Usually we see them against a wall:


But since it’s reversible, it’s nice to have both sides visible. It works across a doorway:


Or in the centerpiece:


I really like it in front of a mirror. Get the angle just right and you can see both sides at the same time:


It’s $13 in my etsy shop, Burro Inteligente

More to come!


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